"The first month and a half after my baby was born was overwhelming with all the changes in my life. Being familiar with all the rhymes and songs before the arrival of your baby would be a huge advantage to moms, and of course to their babies, too.

I strongly recommend all moms record the rhymes and songs onto a portable device using their own voice BEFORE their baby is born."
Maya – July 2014
Canadian Mom with 2-month-old baby
Advanced level English
"I started the BWL program during my pregnancy. I would listen to the lessons and the fun songs, as well as speak and sing them to my baby while she was still growing inside me. After my daughter was born, I stuck to the lessons each day and week; while changing her diapers, bathing her, playing blocks with her, and showing her colors, shapes and body parts, to now teaching her about her family. I can talk to her in English about many topics, and I too, have learned many new useful words and phrases.”

“My e-coach not only provides me guidance on the lessons, but also encourages me to interact with my child, and increase my parenting time. I really like BWL's programs, and I wish Baby World Language every bit of success so that more moms can benefit from it, too!"
Summer – April, 2014
Shanghai Mom with 8-month-old child
Upper-intermediate level English
"My baby started the lessons at 4 months old and it has been effective….I think my baby started to talk a little bit earlier than many other babies, thanks to this practice."
Denise – November, 2013
Shanghai Mom with 10-month-old child
Intermediate level English
"… I'm happy that I can provide my baby with language skills that are easy and fun. Now I am humming the songs all day long."
Vanessa – March, 2013
German Mom at 18 weeks of pregnancy
Advanced level English
"… It is unimaginable that as office workers and mothers, we could stay at home and teach our children a second language so easily and conveniently…"
Susan – March, 2013
Shanghai Mom with 1-year-old child
Intermediate level English
"… My favorite part of the lessons is the practice of the words, the nursery rhymes and singing songs. Repetition and having fun is the best studying language..."
Chris – August, 2012
Shanghai Mom with 20-month-old child
Middle level English
"… It can help parents to establish more effective parent-child interaction patterns. The teaching method and teaching ideas are very unique and are adaptable to the majority of working and stay-at-home moms’ family needs, in Shanghai and even in the whole country. This is unprecedented…"
Sunnie – August, 2012
Shanghai Mom with 1-year-old child
Lower level English
"…The program provides a good chance to interact with my baby and it helps for mutual communication. I think it helps my baby to construct his sense of language, too."
Daisy – August, 2012
Shanghai Mom with 3-month-old son
Very good English (also used belly band)