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Early Childhood English programs
for pregnant mothers
and new parents
of children 0-3 years old

Baby World Language Ltd.
(BWL) is a Canadian company providing highly innovative Early Childhood English language development products and services to the pre-kindergarten language learning sector...
Client Comments
"The first month and a half after my baby was born was overwhelming with all the changes in my life. Being familiar with all the rhymes and songs before the arrival of your baby would be a huge advantage to moms, and of course to their babies, too.
I strongly recommend all moms record the rhymes and songs onto a portable device using their own voice BEFORE their baby is born."

Maya – July, 2014
Articles & Links
Research shows that learning English before 1 year old is best and mom is the best teacher.
Dr. Patricia Kuhl
Institute for Brain and Learning Sciences
at the University of Washington